Naughty Noodle Infrastructure upgrade

October 18th, 2022 in News
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The Naughty Noodle Fun Haus team have just about wrapped up our Equipment Upgrade with support from the NSW Government Creative Capital – Minor Works and Equipment Round One. Arts infrastructure is a building, place or virtual space with the purpose of which is to house or support the making and/or presentation of an artistic product and as such includes, for example, theatres, concert halls, galleries, and groups of artist studios. It includes co-working spaces and office space where the specific tenancy mix is creative industry practitioners such as writers, publishers, and designers. It also refers to public art and the infrastructure to support arts activities in the public realm (parks, streets and
civic spaces) such as digital technology and screens or lighting and provision of power for outdoor performance spaces

Those of you that attended NAIDOC NYLON got a taste of our Black Box stage, extended lighting, crisp sound, smoke machine and incredible projector and screen!

Arts infrastructure supports not only our regional Arts & Culture organisation but the  local economy and fosters community wellbeing by supporting a diverse range of creative practitioners through our provision of space and opportunities needed to create work, reach audiences and maximise the community’s participation in the arts.



Aerial rigging has opened up our creative offering and we cannot wait for the much anticipated Briefs Boys International Show launching our elevatted 2023 program!  We look forward to welcoming you back for 2023 shenanigans as we continue to grow and invest in the infrastructure that leads to genuinely vibrant and engaging experiences through creative ideas, innovative solutions and unique community lead Arts & Culture programming!







Its a big yippee from our Fashion, Art, Dance party where we got to push our moving heads out in all their colour and pattern glory,  producing super-crisp optics and some incredible effects. 

Create funding has also enabled us to employ people locally, purchase both goods and services from within the community and share our audiences spending overflow, pumping vital revenue into restaurants, retail and other local businesses.






Proudly funded by the NSW Government.