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The Empanada Bar


A vibrant, homestyle cooking joint, every empanada and arepa is made with the finest and freshest ingredients. We believe in fast, fresh, delicious, and flavourful meals that don’t break the bank!

We invite everyone to step into our Empanada Bar and take a bite into the Flavors of Columbia and Latin America with Colombian style empanadas and Gluten free arepas (corn pockets).

Arepas and Empanadas are the perfect size for passing around with friends or grabbing on the go, chowing down on while you enjoy a show, live music or just chill out on our deck (or at your place).

Our Empanadas are made of corn (Gluten Free), no eggs, or nuts Fresh and delicious and all delicious Latin American foods are free from artificial flavours, additives, or preservatives.

We pride ourselves on serving delicious genuine Food that’s Clean, fresh and simple and taste great every single time.

An endless variety. There are so many fillings to choose from – chorizo, beef, chicken, cheese, fruit, veggie, and more – absolutely like everything we do there is something for everyone.

If you have not tried these Latino foods before: – here is your chance to educate yuor taste buds.


Corn Flour stuffed with savory fillings.

A staple of Venezuelan & Columbian diets valued for their versatility & nutritional profile, packed with wholesome ingredients they offer a fulfilling & satisfying meal.



From the sweet to the savory, therein lies the magic of empanadas. This popular Latin American food is renowned around the world as a decadent and filling main course.


FULL bar serving delicious cocktails from our Fun Haus High to our Spicy Margarita right through our our Rum based dark and stormy and local tap beers!  Happy Cocktail $10 hr 1st hour of each evening/day.


FUN HAUS HIGH                          POCO LOCO  MARGARITA             DARK N STORMY


Takeaway FOOD menu – YAAS!

EVERY SATURDAY IS DOGS ON THE DECK!  5PM – 7PM bring your furry friend over and sit on the deck having dinner together!

124 Donnison Street Gosford.

Kitchen open:

Thu: 6pm – 9:30pm

Fri: 5pm – 10pm

Sat: 5pm – 10pm

Sun: 12pm – 5pm

Take away Pickup  orders: 02 43 146004


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