September 24th, 2020 in News
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Central Coast’s very own Arts & Culture organisation Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is celebrating its second birthday as a progressive & resilient team whose culture and branding has led the way with a unique combination of cause and creativity entertainment resulting in positive community, social and economic development for the region.

The group confirmed this week Naughty Noodle Fun Haus are the recipients of the highly competitive National SEFA Partnerships program. A formal part of the Macquarie group directors program, the 3 month business partnering is part of the Macquarie Group philanthropic commitment to boost social ventures, supporting them to become operationally resilient in uncertain environments and spans the public, private, not-for-profit, philanthropic, academic, community and social enterprise sectors, believing that social enterprises such as the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus will be key drivers of an economic recovery that has inclusion and equity at its core.

Creative director Glitta Supernova’s pitch to a judging panel, made up of sector experts and representatives from SEFA Partnerships and Macquarie Group was shortlisted based on the sustainable vision for changing existing perceptions of the region and driving the organisation towards continued social impact and commercial value.

The SEFA Partnerships board includes former Head of Research and Executive Director at Macquarie Bank David Rickards who is also trustee of the Australian Museum Foundation, Scarlet Reid former prosecutor with SafeWork NSW now Partner in the Sydney office of McCullough Robertson and Andrew Cairns, Community Sector Banking CEO, previously Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Group for over 15 years.

With a focus on delivering bold contemporary and fun arts, culture and community activations, the Naughty Noodle has become synonymous with delivering successful innovative experiences which facilitate broader positive social impacts and economic development for local businesses and not for profit organisations through their multi-brand offering which includes the Peninsulas Major Arts & Culture festival Coastal Twist & Central Coast Pride.  Contemporary & Fringe Arts through the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus has brought close to 10,000 local and visiting audiences across all ages to its ongoing events and activations through their fast growing “Noodle Creatives Collective” of diverse international and national artists, academics, changemakers and innovators.

“Covid has encouraged us to reimagine possibilities which during COVID has included our “Creatives Collective” participating in the upcoming Central Coast Council Heard Music project, the creation of a new online experimental 60 minute theatre work (national release date to be confirmed) and further digital projects collaborating with global organisations such as Melbourne Fringe Festival, Equality Australia & Mardi Gras. Most recently our 4-minute Central Coast clip reaching a jaw dropping global audience of 2 million people in July. Art Keeps You Healthy, Science has proven the importance of the arts in promoting mental health. During COVID, artists have been impacted deeply yet have continued to provide inspiration, distraction, reasons to think and reasons to smile we are back in November with the Lakes Festival and cannot wait to eyeball everyone in the flesh”.