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Born in 2018 as an artist led Arts & Culture organisation fostering creativity across the artist & audience communities.  We are Intentionally leveraging Arts and Culture to capture and maximise positive community impacts and effects across the key thematic areas of inclusion, health and well-being; cultural development, education and creativity. We are about inclusive community development; contemporary creative economic development and innovation and see these areas as interlinked in a virtuous circle where each impact is nurtured so that it adds value (and values) to the whole system.

We trade with the object of;

·       Provide pathways & lead social change through creating & delivering diverse & inclusive arts culture.

·       Promoting participation & active engagement of Arts & Culture based activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our Central Coast community.

·       Engaging art as the change agent for diversity as the norm, creating safe and inclusive spaces for self-expression which inspire authentic originality & celebrate unique and diverse imaginings.

·       Presenting multi-disciplinary local & visiting artists to local & visiting audiences through various artistic endeavours which activate acceptance, inclusion & diversity through innovative cutting-edge storytelling & dynamic creative happenings.

·       Target diversity as the norm, increasing exposure to a greater range of artist and audience voices and perspective including First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), genders, abilities, classes, ages & LGBTQIA+;

·       Create a community of Audience & Artist; Attract new as well as returning audiences & Artists across all demographics;

We are outcomes focused and love to deliver positive impact across civic pride, social cohesion, urban vibrancy, community engagement & the development of local creative ecology as we work hard for ongoing and sustainable activation, participation and the making and celebrating of all things conscious and creative across our targeted suite of brands. 


One thing we know for sure is the Value of CONSCIOUS AND INTENTIONAL Arts as a key source of economic, social and community regeneration globally.


As a community let’s play big!


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