When: Saturday April 30 2022 10:30am

End: Saturday May 21 2022 12:30pm

Doors open: 10:30am (session finishes at 1pm)
Show time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Where: Naughty Noodle Fun Haus Ettalong: 5 Broken Bay Rd, Ettalong Beach

Cost: Full $50- 80 / $50- 80 Concession

Nia + Ageless Grace Playshops

Saturday April 30 2022 10:30am | Saturday May 21 2022 12:30pm

Central Coast Lesbian meet up

Move Connect Groove with Nia and Ageless grace playshops $20 classes

Four saturdays in April 30 | May 7 | May 14 | May 21


Playshops designed to attract local lesbian/Queer/Trans women of all ages and abilities, as both modalities cater for diversity in body ability, and are suitable for all ages.


Week 1 & 2 10:30am – 12:30pm APRIL 30 + MAY 7TH

Playshop will be Nia Movement (Nia is a Movement Technique blending dance, martial arts and the healing arts).

Week 3 & 4 10:30am -12:30pm  MAY 14TH + MAY 21

Playshop will be Ageless Grace Playshops (Ageless Grace is a body and brain movement program that is practiced
seated in a chair).


Attend all 4 saturdays or just the Nia Movement group or the Ageless grace group. Yes we accept NSW Discover vouchers



To begin, there will be time allowed for participants to meet, mingle and connect, then be introduced to the movement practice including
health and wellbeing education.


The introduction will comprise of some theory: explaining the background in the movement practice being offered, some movement based warm up activities to connect participants to their bodies and to feel comfortable in the shared space and guidance on moving in their own body’s way.


An hour will then be spent on a “class” in the movement practice where participants get to engage in these modalities themselves, before ending with refreshments and more time to chat and connect again.


Both the Nia and Ageless Grace Playshops will be conducted by lesbian women who are trained educators in these modalities. They come with over 40 plus combined years of experience in education and health, and over 20 years combined experience in specifically teaching/training Nia and Ageless Grace.


The Playshops are designed to attract local lesbian women of all ages and abilities, as both modalities cater for diversity in body ability, and are suitable for all ages.


Nia Playshops aim to empower Lesbian/Queer/Trans women to feel comfortable in and connected to their own bodies through movement and music. Nia supports participants to embrace movement and expression in their own body’s way to support healing and growth in their physical,
emotional, cognitive and spiritual selves.


Ageless Grace Playshops cater for and support our elders in the Lesbian/Queer/Trans community as well as lesbians with a disability to find health and well being though movement, music brain stimulating exercises and creativity. Ageless Grace encourages social interaction, playfulness and fun, and empowers participants to feel stronger and more confident.


About the Teachers

Anita Pulie is a Black Belt Nia Technique Teacher who has been teaching Nia for 15 years.  She is also an Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer and has been teaching Ageless Grace for 7 years.
Jane Taylor is an Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer who has also been teaching Ageless Grace for 7 years.
Anita has a background in education and Jane is also a registered nurse.
Together Anita and Jane bring their wealth of experience and skills in education, health and wellbeing, music and movement to help people feel better in their bodies, mind and spirit and create community through creativity and fun!
As members of the LGBTQI Community, Jane and Anita are passionate supporters of equality, visibility and safety for all, and are very enthusiastic about bringing people together through the arts for healing and connection.

Naughty Noodle Fun Haus