When: Friday November 20 2020 07:30pm

End: Thursday October 22 2020 07:30pm

Show time: 07:30pm - 07:30pm

Where: @ a URL NEAR YOU!

Cost: Full $10 / $7 Concession


Friday November 20 2020 07:30pm | Thursday October 22 2020 07:30pm

Central Coast NSW hits Melbourne Fringe Festival with a brand new experiemental new theatre work – And you wont miss this one no matter where you are as its going digital!


Cellular memory, lineage and other not so random occurrences


2020 Central Coast NSW, a group of friends experience supernatural memory grabs through secret internal exploits in a world where the external is worshipped.


As they sink further inwards their very lineage unravels a series of extraordinary mysteries, genetic inheritance and behaviours; Un-burning & mystical from pagan drag witch queen reclaiming the magic of the sorceress of their Scottish roots, Science & magic from the oldest culture on earth as proud Wiraduri man delivers the 101 on “Kinship” the heart of Aboriginal Culture, Solidarity & the unconventional from the backroom bars and circus tents of World War 2 Holland, as the world’s original sex clown taps into 3 generations of the “bad women” taking space in her linage & finds strength in the unconventional & solidarity in difference.


An experimental storytelling fusion of Dance, Cabaret, Performance Art & Theatre weaving past and present in a ritual reclaiming of the self from techno tracking and Viral contagions and into human tales from the intersectional travellers of time and place, nature and nurture in an essence personal expression.


Created and Performed by:
Neville Williams Boney, Miss Tree & Glitta Supernova


Duration: 50 minutes
Open Captioning
Price: $7.00 – $10.00
Pre-ticketed Digital Event
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