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What do you get when 3 creative, environmental innovators get together?

A collaboration between Permaculture Central Coast, Naughty Noodle Fun Haus @ Central Coast Edible Garden Trail the upcoming “Wilding Gosford” seeks to tap into, engage and support what is today the fastest growing demographic and development happening across Gosford.


With majority of population across renters and homeowners living in apartments, “Wilding Gosford” provides an opportunity to collaborate and embrace new and existing residents with the natural diversity of the planet across humanity, plants and food sources through nature workshops, training sessions and volunteer opportunities.

“Wilding Gosford” is currently collecting and taking donations for plants, pots, herbs, expertise and passion (doesn’t matter where you live).

The inclusion of an edible garden will also be feeding our social enterprise pop up kitchens, and you!

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and shows through our mailing list (promise we won’t spam you)

Community leading the change we want to see so get amongst the evolving natural wonders in our town centre!