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Let us work together Naughty Noodle

This is our 3rd year and we continue to present performance and production with a D&I focus from experimental new theatre work to cabaret, music, film & circus. We also run community workshops across Performance and Art therapies to DJ and Drag!

Activations that suit an intimate environment, in a council owned multi-use community space which our Social enterprise builds from scratch as a unique popup with configurations from 100 – 400, we love working with other charities, social enterprises, independant artists and producers to “make things happen”. 

We are intrenched in community and as a co-production we will get you local audience reach, and together with our lighting and sound, tech teams and even local resturants serving yummys to our audiences (as we #supportlocal with most everything we do) we will all bring something special to the region. 

If you are a solo Artist wanting to just to a spot rather than bring a complete show then drop us a line (yes you can use producer/show form below)


The space is a multi-purpose community shared venue with a multipurpose raised stage equipped to cover most professional staging needs and perfect for Fringe, Cabaret, Live Music, Comedy and Performance Art.

A great community history which we honor, the original interior auditorium hosted the glam rock likes of Skyhooks and Sherbet in the 70s. Licenced as a hall from 1922 the hall was also a cause for much local pride with the Woy Woy herald reporting that the hope from opening night was “that the splendid service which illuminated the hall that night was but the start of a scheme which would serve the whole locality”.


Producers, Promoters and Artists we want you to bring great work to our region

there is no better place, space and crew to plug you into engaged and hungry Central Coast Audiences. 

We are always on the prowl for new exciting work and collaborators. We want to bolster unique artists, stories and forms. Our hearts sing with original work. If you are a producer (or self-produced artist) we’d love to hear from you. Our NFP social enterprise model means no upfront fees, not cut of your merch *we want you to succeed) and an awesome growing audience community to get your work on stage with an accessible pricing model that benefits and respects your work and puts a smile on punters pockets. All profits our organisation raise go directly towards further engagment of arts programs, paying artists, crew and creating local jobs and partnerings with local businesses as well as building our incredible Lighting, Sound and Tech rigs.

Artist | Producer | EOI Bring your Show to Central Coast NSW
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Social media links related to you, the show, or the cast.
Not mandatory but we recommend showing any footage even if taken on mobile etc which will assist in aligning your work with upcoming spots
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